Upcoming Conference Presentations

If you don’t get enough of my pontifications in blog form, I’ll be presenting papers at two upcoming conferences in the next month and a half.

On October 1st, I’ll be at the Middle Atlantic and New England Council for Canadian Studies Conference in Providence, Rhode Island presenting a paper based on my thesis research entitled “La Révolution Moderne: Expo ’67 and Spatialization of Québec Identity.”

On October 12th, I’ll be at the 2010 Community Development Summit in San Antonio, Texas speaking on how Central Texas can adapt for climate change.


La Révolution Moderne – Expo ’67 and the Spatialization of National Identity in Québec

For the few people who’ve asked to read it, my finished thesis is available as a .pdf. I can also make a printed version available for those who are interested. I’ll also be presenting a portion of the work at the Mid-Atlantic and New England Council for Canadian Studies conference in Providence, RI from Sept 30 – Oct 3rd.